Founder of Blog Travel to serbia

Travel to Serbia is a blog formed of Miloš Simić. Miloš his student on final year Faculty of the Political Science University of Belgrade. Miloš study journalism and communicology. Write his articles for newspaper's Danas (Today) and site Beogradska Nedelja (Belgrade Week).

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Serbia is country in the southeast of Europe, on Balkan. Serbia has a lot of history and beautiful flora and fauna. Serbia formed in middle century, but her history goes back to the distant past. Today official name of a country is the Republic of Serbia. Serbia formed of two autonomous region's Vojvodina and Kosovo and Metohia.  About more history and flora, fauna and interesting places of Serbia, you can read on my blog "Travel to Serbia". It will be a lot of interesting things.

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Founder of Serbia

Stefan Nemanja was the founder of Serbia in the Middle Ages. He was born in 1113 and was the great Mayor of Raska, the viceroy of the ruling dynasty of Nemanjić and the creator of a powerful Serbian state in the Middle Ages.

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Life in Serbia is very interesting and beautiful. Who does not believe, let him come and try.