The Place From Where Pančić’s Omorika And Land Come From

Zaovine On Mountain Tara, One Of The Most Beautiful Places In Serbia

Today we are going to Serbia. Serbia has a lot of interesting and very pretty places. A lot of tourists in one year come to Serbia, and from here have a much impression. We are going to place named Zaovine on mountain Tara. Now we starting the story and travel about village Zaovine, mountain Tara, Zaovine’s lakes and Pancic’s Omorika.

Village ZaovineSerbia, Zaovine

A place preserved from the Internet and a vice of the Information Age, in which due to the lack of street lighting at night, the sky and the earth differ only in that there are more stars in the sky shining than illuminated windows in the houses.

What Zaovine Have?

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